We want to give you the option to change your frames with every occasion and outfit. As a result, we need to make frames that are reasonably priced, without sacrificing good design and quality.

But why are glasses so expensive? The secret behind this is that you are paying too many people until your frames reach you. At Ao! you only pay for high design and quality.

With our long experience in design, manufacturing, and retail, we find the most cost-effective solutions for the best possible materials and production techniques to meet our aesthetic and high quality standards.

By bypassing traditional channels and personally managing all steps very closely – from mood board to finished product – we are able to offer frames that we are proud of at a fraction of the price.

All our frames are carefully designed by our in-house team in Rome. Then they are produced north of Milan. Thereafter the frames are shipped to our warehouses and stores to engage with our customers directly.